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Lunar Video Orbiter
OrbDev is one of the original founders of TransOrbital, Inc. This spacecraft project will orbit the Moon and return beautiful photography of the entire lunar surface.

Moon Crash Project
OrbDev's own lunar spacecraft project which will fly from Earth to crash directly on the Moon.
You or your company can participate!

The spacecraft will carry your cargo and return photography during is flight including the final hours before impact.

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Orbital Development

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Orbital Development is the marketing company for the Ruslan Satellite Communications System that is being built by FSU NPO Mashinostroyenia of Moscow, Russia.

This new system uses proven, low-cost launch vehicles and innovative satellie bus and propulsion designs that create a new, low-cost opportunity for companies interested in geosynchronous communications satellites.

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------ Ruslan System
The Ruslan communications system can place transponders in geosynchronous orbit for under $50M. That is about 20% of the normal cost for building and launching a communications satellite.

OrbDev wants to meet with companies that need a less expensive solution to "hold" their orbital slots; spacecraft insurance companies that would like "on-orbit" spare capacity to reduce exposure to customer losses; and fledgling communications companies that need comsats with the the lowest cost.

Additional details are at:
Ruslan Project 

Contact Orbital Development for complete details and to arrange an appointment to meet with the builder in Moscow.

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