Orbital Development

Lunar Video Orbiter
OrbDev is one of the original founders of TransOrbital, Inc. This spacecraft project will orbit the Moon and return beautiful photography of the entire lunar surface.

Moon Crash Project
OrbDev's own lunar spacecraft project which will fly from Earth to crash directly on the Moon.
You or your company can participate!

The spacecraft will carry your cargo and return photography during is flight including the final hours before impact.

Satellite Project

OrbDev is the worldwide marketing company for a new generation of communications satellite. The cost of the system is 20% of traditional geosynchronous satellites, which opens a host of new options for this industry.

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Orbital Development

"For All Those Who Will Reach for the Stars."

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Orbital Development was founded by Mr. Gregory W. Nemitz in 1992. The consultancy has been active in Spacecraft, Telecommunications, Robotics, Marketing, and the Financial arenas. While working on projects in these fields, Mr. Nemitz has developed an extensive set contacts in the financial industry who have the ability to fund major projects up to and beyond the $500 million level. The firm also has excellent contacts in the Russian and American aerospace industries.

Having a good understanding of the high technologies, business, and politics involved in these cutting-edge areas, Mr. Nemitz has developed experiments that were performed in Space, designed and fabricated tele-operated rovers, constructed business cases for novel manned spacecraft, examined technical business plans to make recommendations, and assisted several start-up "New-Space" companies at raising major funding.

Orbital Development stands ready to assist others interested in implementing geosynchronous satellite constellations, developing new space-related businesses or their technologies.

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----- The Eros Project
Orbital Development is at the forefront of the critical issue of "Property Rights in Space." Since March, 2000 the firm has managed the "Eros Project" which is designed to bring the issue into a United States of America Federal Court for a difinitive decision on the new legal subject of "Space Property Law."

Complete Details are at:

The Eros Project is primarily sponsored by Beefjerky.com. You can support this critial legal work in progress by trying some delicious "Final Frontier Jerky" from Beefjerky.com. This is the beef jerky that is selected by Astronauts and has flown to Space three times.


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