Orbital Development

Lunar Video Orbiter
OrbDev is one of the original founders of TransOrbital, Inc. This spacecraft project will orbit the Moon and return beautiful photography of the entire lunar surface.

Moon Crash Project
OrbDev's own lunar spacecraft project which will fly from Earth to crash directly on the Moon.
You or your company can participate!

The spacecraft will carry your cargo and return photography during is flight including the final hours before impact.

Satellite Project

OrbDev is the worldwide marketing company for a new generation of communications satellite. The cost of the system is 20% of traditional geosynchronous satellites, which opens a host of new options for this industry.

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Orbital Development

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A brief history of the clients and projects with which Gregory W. Nemitz and Orbital Development have been involved:

International Space Enterprises
Pepsi/Mir Project
As a consultant, developed two experiments performed aboard the Mir Space Station and managed two tele-video conferences between the Mir Space Station and a school in Los Angeles and the Mir and a site in Moscow, Russia.

Prototype NASA Mars Rover System
Working with a team, designed and built a series of 14 remotely controlled rovers that were robotic camera platforms. The robots were constructed for a NASA/JPL program to develop software for a multiple rover operating system in consideration for use on Mars.

LBDC International
Chief Technical Officer
As CTO, guided a team of technical experts to design and develop the company’s "FiberBroadband" strategy. The FiberBroadband solution is not based on Passive Optical Networks (PONs). LBDCI's FiberBroadband solution is a future-proof alternative to PONs. LBDCI's FiberBroadband approach is a wider approach that just an FTTx architecture solution; it also involves the higher-level Wireless Fidelity (WiFi) infrastructures, VoIP and TVoIP infrastructures as well as marketing, business and service models, including on-demand services and Set-Top-Box platforms. LBDCI plans to soon build high-capacity FTTH/O infrastructures in twenty-five to thirty cities in the United States.

TransOrbital, Inc.
2001 TrailBlazer Project
Worked at organizing a development team that perfected detailed plans for a lunar video orbiter. Developed and implemented the project marketing plan, made hundreds of corporate contacts to market the project as Internet content, advertising and scientific opportunities. Recruited a highly qualified and experienced senior management team to take the lead in the project.

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Space Age Publishing Company / Lunar Enterprise Corporation
Ongoing consulting including conference organization, research and writing articles for publication.

American Pacific Financial Corporation
Reviewed high technology business plans and made recommendations to the company’s CEO.

Space Development Corporation
Almaz Space Ship
Developed a business case and business plan involving existing Russian spacecraft hardware for a multi-purpose nuclear-powered spaceship.

Independent Financial Consulting
Independently developed many contacts in the financial industry while promoting several space-related clients and seeking major funding. In the past, was a consultant to these companies:

Kelly Space & Technology: A reusable launch vehicle.
Constellation Services International: Spacecraft for servicing satellites on orbit.
SpaceDev: The first publicly traded commercial space exploration company.
United States Russian Telecommunications (USRT): Constellation of 12 GEO satellites.
Info-Astra: Several geosynchronous satellite opportunities

The Eros Project Orbital Development is at the forefront of the critical issue of "Property Rights in Space." Since March, 2000 the firm has managed the "Eros Project" which is designed to bring the issue into a United States of America Federal Court for a difinitive decision on the new legal subject of "Space Property Law."

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