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August 10, 2001


Dear Mr. Frankle:

I appreciate Mr. Steptoe's having notified me in his letter dated June 27th, 2001 that I have received the "Agency's final determination" regarding my $20 parking/storage fee charged for NEAR's presence on my property, asteroid 433 Eros.

I request that your office provide to me an official statement on which I can rely, stating that I have unequivocally exhausted all "administrative remedies" within NASA pertaining to this matter. The wording of the previous letter implies that is the case, however I require an unequivocal statement, if in fact all "administrative remedies" within NASA have indeed been exhausted.

I would appreciate your having someone fax me a reply at your soonest convenience, please, at 413-460-6480. Thank you.



Best Regards,



Gregory Nemitz

Orbital Development

Eros Project

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