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04 June, 2001


National Aeronautics and Space Administration


Mr. Edward A. Frankle

General Counsel

Mail Code: GS

Washington, DC 20546-0001



Dear Mr. Frankle:

Thank you for your letter dated 09 Apr 01, in which you say, "your letter fails to cite any such legal basis for the Eros asteroid claim you have asserted."

What kinds of legal basis or authority do you consider to be acceptable? As you know, legal authority arises from several foundations in law including statutory, constitutional, and common law ones.

My position is particularly strong where the latter two examples are concerned. However, based on our correspondence it seems that your office essentially just takes into account statutory law regarding a claim against NASA such as mine.

I would appreciate your response at your convenience, as I am eager to send along my reply to your recent rejection of my follow-up invoice.


Best Regards,



Gregory Nemitz

Orbital Development

Eros Project


Attached Transcripts:

1. OrbDev Invoice Letter dated, 16 Feb 01

2. NASA General Counsul reply dated, 09 Mar 01

3. OrbDev response letter dated, 22 Mar 01

4. NASA General Counsul second reply dated, 09 Apr 01

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